Choosing the right dose

Patients with advanced malignancy may benefit from corticosteroids for a variety of symptoms. There should always be a clear indication to justify starting corticosteroids and benefits should always be balanced against the side effects.


Symptoms secondary to cerebral tumour(s).

Dexamethasone: 16mg/day
(4mg-8mg often sufficient for headache. More than 16mg may be required for patients with high risk of coning, or those taking enzyme inducing medications e.g. phenytoin, carbamazepine, phenobarbitone)

Nerve compression pain

Dexamethasone: 8mg/day


Superior vena caval obstruction SVCO

Dexamethasone: 16mg/day

Pneumonitis after radiotherapy

Dexamethasone: 16mg/day

Lymphangitis carcinomatosa

Dexamethasone: 16mg/day

Large airways obstruction

Dexamethasone: 16mg/day

Gastrointestinal Tract


Dexamethasone: 6mg-16mg/day

Intestinal obstruction

Dexamethasone: 6mg-16mg/day

Rectal discharge

Rectal corticosteroid preparations e.g. hydrocortisone or prednisolone foam enema, or prednisolone suppositories. Once at night.


Ureteric obstruction/pelvic disease.

Dexamethasone: 6mg–16mg/day

Pain from hepatic metastases

Dexamethasone: 4mg–8mg/day

Bone pain (occasionally helpful)

Dexamethasone: 4mg–8mg /day


Dexamethasone: 4mg–8mg /day

Anorexia/to improve wellbeing (short term)

Dexamethasone: 2mg–4mg / day Prednisolone 15mg–40mg/day


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Some of the management strategies describe the use of drugs outside their licensed indications. They are, however, established and accepted good practice. Please refer to the current BNF for further guidance.
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