The eve of the Penultimate Year of Assessment (PYA)

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Tonight, is the eve of my Penultimate Year of Assessment (PYA)


I am ‘currently’ writing (procrastinating) my presentation for the PYA and ‘philosophising’ where I want to be when I am grown up.  And you know what, I have realized there is so much I want to do. Indeed, there is so much to do.


Par example:

  • National legislation wise, why don’t we make it a requirement for folk to have to complete a Will to gain, say, life insurance or a mortgage? As far as I can see, the only people who benefit from uncertainty is the solicitors and their fees.
  • Or regarding internationally, think of all the countries in which Palliative care isn’t even a concept yet, there are likely millions of folk dying without the care and compassion afforded to us. Maybe project ECHO? (1)


Back to earth, and I guess more pressingly, I am also rapidly realising the huge inadequacies in my eportfolio and trying to navigate the cavernous holes in my laissez-faire completion through the years. Does wearing matching socks count as (self) management experience?


Ok, back to philosophising, and my last thought…

Everyone experiences time at the same rate. Everyone experiences seconds, minutes and hours. No matter their age, they have seen and experienced a lot which I will never experience. Literally, their viewpoint is impossible for me to have experienced. Therefore, there is always something to learn from everyone no matter how young / old / stupid / confused / frustrating / bonkers they are. There is so much!

This isn’t a penultimate year of me knowing enough, and certainly not of a grander assessment, this is simply a new chapter, a fresh start where I know even less than before.


P.s. I have not disclosed this blog post in the PYA otherwise I feel I am doomed.

  1. Project ECHO also see Prof Max Watson TED talk