My Letter to the Pope

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My letter to the Pope


As from my previous post it is probably easy to ascertain I was struck by the precedence of the Charlie Gard case from multiple perspectives, least of all regarding my role as a palliative care physician. There was the completely understandable public support to ‘try’ and give this wee boy a chance. Emotional response is always going to trump an establishments logic, no matter how well and carefully explained.


One perspective which particularly caught me was the backing of the Vatican. I tried to read as much as I possibly could, regarding their stance, which represents Catholicism and indirectly doctrine, of which I unfortunately found relatively little. As a consequence, I wrote a letter, of which I have yet received no reply.


I put this here to raise debate and thought. I have upmost respect for the office of the Pope and the Vatican and Catholic Church as a whole, I do not intend for this to be in any way to be misconstrued for anything but trying to understand the rational and the direction of movement of both the Catholic Church and more generally, society. Likewise, I can only offer my most sincere condolences for the parents, family and friends of Charlie Gard for their loss and struggle.