Covid-19 & Specialist Palliative Care

The world wide outbreak of COVID-19 is like nothing we've dealt with before, and it will require all of us to work together to ensure that appropriate guidance and good practice are shared amongst our fellow palliative care workers. We must continue to support our patients with the best end of live care we can offer, and ongoing support to those with significant illness as a result of both life-limiting illness and / or COVID-19.


These Guidelines are intended for use by healthcare professionals and the expectation is that they will use clinical judgement, medical, and nursing knowledge in applying the general principles and recommendations contained within.
Recommendations may not be appropriate in all circumstances and the decision to adopt specific recommendations should be made by the practitioner taking into account the
individual circumstances presented by each patient and available resources.
While SPAGG takes every care to compile accurate information , we cannot guarantee its correctness and completeness and it is subject to change. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or expense resulting from the use of this information.