West Midlands Collaboration Actioning Research in End of life and Supportive care.

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WM CARES Website

We are a collaborative that will conduct research in the palliative care setting within the West Midlands.

We aim to improve patient care and services, regionally and nationally, while increasing trainee participation in research activities..

Trainee led collaboratives in other specialities (such as WM Research Collaborative, a surgical research collaborative) have been very successful in producing high quality research, enabling trainees to develop research skills and experiences and ultimately improving patient care.

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September 24, 2017


WMCARES PRIDE SUMMARY So it happened, the inaugural WMCARES PRIDE event! I have been told my aim (PYA and all) should to be succinct in all I do, (I have…

September 17, 2017

Itching to go to WMCARES PRIDE!

Itching to go to WMCARES PRIDE!   5 Days until the inaugural acronymic mash up that is WMCARES PRIDE. We have some serious shapes to make on the dance floor…

September 14, 2017

The eve of the Penultimate Year of Assessment (PYA)

Tonight, is the eve of my Penultimate Year of Assessment (PYA)   I am ‘currently’ writing (procrastinating) my presentation for the PYA and ‘philosophising’ where I want to be when…